MNSSHP FP emails

Just a heads up for anyone who has booked FPs using a party ticket.

Over on the DIS there is a report from a panicked poster who has got emails about their FPs being cancelled. Only she got them not only for her last day, but every day she booked FPs for.

The advice given was to screenshot every day of FPs, and to cancel the party FP and screenshot that as proof she did comply with the warning. And then to phone ASAP to get it sorted out.

I will update when I see what happens, but wanted to warn liners.


Wow that’s the first I have heard of this extreme response. Another reason to stick with a dummy account! No parties this year for me so I am watching everyone else’s reports.


Indeed! I’ve never seen that before and clearly neither had the OP.

One day I will do one of the parties, but I’ve been scared off bookimg FPs for them, for sure. :grin:


Yeah I replied to her based on my experience. I have not heard of this happening to others and wonder if there is another reason for the problem.

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That did occur to me too. Maybe a problem with her ticket or she changed a package and so those were the standard warning emails. But she seemed reasonably clued as to be expecting one email, I decided she possibly really had been the victim of a major glitch.

I was also aware there have been a few liners asking about booking FPs on a party ticket and wanted to make them aware of possible outcomes, Others have hit the “not being able to book the last day” problem, having booked for the party earlier.

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