MNSSHP for adults

My wife and I will be in WDW Halloween week thinking of doing MNSSHP. Looking for opinions is it worth the extra cost? Not looking to meet characters etc. just enjoying the atmosphere, taking in the sights, and watching the parade.

Vote yes!

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The atmosphere is AWESOME -- they have special spooky lighting, spooky music and sounds, regular folks in fun costumes all around. And the parade is really cool!

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I have heard so many positives for this I have bought myself a ticket. So I am going solo and it's a first, will dabble a bit in everything.


Definitely yes!! So much fun!

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Yes! The first time I went to the MNSSHP it was just my husband and myself. We were taking an anniversary celebration trip. We loved it so much we had to bring our kids back. Love the parade, love hallowishes, love the music on main street. It was fun to get to trick or treat a bit also. I vote YES!

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No doubt in my mind - a definite YES!


Next fall trip my DH has asked to do the party 2 different nights. The parade and fireworks are awesome! Adults have a great time.


Absolutely. My hubby and I are going in September. We are even dressing up.

If you go in early, 4 o'clock, can you be dressed up at that time or do you need to change at 7?

You can be dressed that early. We have an ADR at 5:20 at Tony's and plan to be dressed before we go.

I have been to MNSSHP several times without my kids. I love it but I also wait to meet the unique characters.

This will be my DH and I 5th party! We love it! Yes I recommend it!

Yes yes yes! The parade is amazing and like everyone said the atmosphere is fun! We do rides/candy/paraded mostly... Dress up too, that's half the fun!!

Thanks to all, safe to say we will be going!!!

Just out of curiosity, how come two nights?