MNSSHP Fireworks

Hi! Decided against combined work/pleasure trip in June 2020; now going in September 2020.

Does anyone know if you have a good view of the MNSSHP fireworks from Poly Beach? If so, would love to get dinner reservations at O’hana and then watch fireworks from beach.


Hi, you can see the fireworks from the Poly beach (we recently stayed there and saw them) and they pipe in the music too. However, the MNSSHP fireworks are very castle-projection heavy and that’s also what makes them so good. You won’t be able to see the projections at all from the beach.

Thank you @kittyg29. I don’t want to do that. We will try to get O’hana on a night where we can watch the regular fireworks or on the EEMH and head into MK after dinner.