MNSSHP - Favorite Events

We are going this year and SOOOO excited!! The day of the party we plan on going to Epcot in the morning for a couple of hours, and being back at hotel (Poly) by around noon to chill out.

What time does everyone recommend getting there? Besides character meet-and-greets, what attractions/shows/events would you recommend to do or recommend to skip?

We were first timers for MNSSHP last year. Our favorite parts were dressing up, seeing everyone else dressed up, the atmosphere (the music, the decorations), the parade, and the short ride lines. We got there at 4 when they started letting party goers in. We’re not fans of standing in long lines to meet characters, so we didn’t do any of that. We did walk by a few meet and greet locations and said, “Oh, look, there’s [character we don’t usually see].”