MNSSHP FastPass+ question

Hubby and I are attending MNSSHP in September. This is the only park time we will have this trip. Can we make FP+ res with just our party tickets linked in MDE?

Yes (at least last year you could) 3:30, 4:30, 5:30 for FP times. No FP during official party. Anything after 6:30 was cancelled last year.


I believe a few September liners reported making FPs with party tickets.


I have tickets for Sept 2 - no FPP during the party… tried… couldn’t schedule past 5:30

You can only schedule at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30. Did you try that?

Following this as well, interested for MVMCP. Anyone know if there’s usually anything good available at 30 days (vs. 60)?

I’m just going to the party-- so I could get fast passes that day. Without a reg ticket. I was hoping to ride a few things – b4 the party even started

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Yes you can 3:30, 4:30,5:30. Party ticket will get you in at 4pm

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No FP during the party but you can enter at 4pm with your party ticket and you can make FP before the official party starts.

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for party tickets on a dummy account - we would have to waiting until 30days before. So, for Sept 2 party day - FP+ day would be Aug 2nd

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We aren’t doing a park day before MNSSHP on 9/8 and I was able to book FP for 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30 with no problem :slight_smile:


Same here, booked fast passes for 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30 with a party ticket only.


Anyone have luck getting 7DMT 30 days out?

Has anyone heard they cancel all FPs whose window extends beyond 6:00 on party nights? So, for example though I hold a 5:30 FP, day of the party, the absolute latest FPs are those with 5:00-6:00 window.

I just did my dummy account at 30 days. Sorry, no 7DMT were available.

Last year they cancelled any FP that were scheduled past 6:30.

Meaning…any window that extends past 6:30? So the latest FPP to book would be 5:30? Thanks so much @PrincipalTinker!!

If I’m using my AP tickets to enter the park before 4:00 will I need to make another visit to the front of the park sometime before 7:00 to scan my MNSSHP tickets and get the bands that show “these guests paid for party tickets.” Can we scan in for both park and party at the same time 2:30ish? TIA

You will need to get a wrist band but they had CM thru out the park scanning and handing out wrist bands to those guests already inside. You don’t have to go back to the front.

Yes, last booking 5:30.