MNSSHP Dessert Party

OK, so to appease my high anxiety about the MNSSHP and how crowded they are, I threw up my hands & bought the dessert party tix. We are 4 adults, 2 kids (8 & 5) and looove Halloween. The only 2 things we really want to do at the party is the fireworks & parade, everything else is a bonus to us and we are flexible with whatever else we do at the party.

We are hoping (praying!) the kids make it to the 11:15 parade which is hopefully a little less crowded.

Has anyone done the garden viewing Dessert party? It says to arrive at 8:45 but the fireworks aren’t until 10:15. We’ll eat some of the dessert, but would getting there at 9:30 be OK still? I just don’t see why we’d need to get there at 8:45 if the fireworks aren’t until 10:15.

Also, we’re planning to view the 11:15 parade in Frontierland. Advice on how early to arrive? Old reports used to say you could arrive 15 minutes before for the later fireworks, but now with how crowded the parties are, I’m thinking that’s not accurate anymore?


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We did the party at the sold out 10/8 MNSSHP. You can come and go from the party as you please from about 8:40 until the fireworks. There were definitely a few groups that only got there around 9:30 the night we went. Our party was similar (our kids are 5 & 1) and we got there just before 9 just so everyone had 45 minutes of quiet before heading out into the fireworks and parade crowds.

We also watched the 11:15 parade in Frontierland. When the fireworks finished, we left the reserved area and went straight to PotC which was a walk on, then we walked around the backside and found a front row spot across from Pecos Bill. We got there at most 20 minutes before the parade (probably closer to 15).


Thank you so much! This was super helpful.