MNSSHP Dessert Party Parade Question

I purchased the Dessert Party for MNSSHP for 10/16 and I was wondering from those that attended, how late can you comfortably show up at Town Square and get a decent spot to watch the parade? I know the parade starts at 8:35pm, but that is all the way up in Frontierland.

How long does it take for the parade to get to Town Square? Also, I understand I don’t want to wait too long because getting back to Town Square could be difficult if the park is crowded. I know you can check in as early at 7:30pm, but that seems awfully early if the parade does not reach the reserved viewing area until 9ish.

Hi, we go to the dessert party on 10/25.There hasn’t been much chatter on forums or chat about it. So therefore I will send you over to the dark side and have you follow this thread. It’s been very helpful to me.

this is also a very detailed review with great pics.

please post your review or thoughts on the party after you have done it. Have fun!!

I’m very jealous . . decided too late that I would have liked to attend the Dessert party on the 16th. have fun!

We were there on 9/22. We arrived at the parade viewing spot around 8:20. The parade did not arrive for about another 30 minutes, but we saw the Headless Horseman and the Phineas and Ferb pre-show, both of which I enjoyed. I was not bored sitting there at all, and we already had candy to eat. We were one of the last to arrive, and there was not a lot of curb left, but we were able to squeeze in. Note that they have mini water bottles available for you when you check in. We stopped to buy water ahead of time and didn’t need to.

After you leave the parade viewing area, I recommend going straight to the dessert party, with the group or on your own. We were thinking we would maybe sneak in a ride or two, but I am glad that we ended up going straight there. There will be a line to get in and a line to get the desserts, though the desserts remain available - with no line - at least until the fireworks end.

If you have any other questions, let me know! I loved this experience, and I am glad that we did it.


@Iheartepcot, thanks for the review! did they lead you to the dessert party after the parade or did you go on your own? did everyone stand for wishes and CTM or did people stay sitting?

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