MNSSHP & dessert party or two MNSSHPs?

I need some help deciding what to do. My wife, 3 yr old daughter, and I currently have the MNSSHP booked on 9/22 with reservations for the premium dessert party.

I am now thinking about canceling the dessert party in favor of also attending the MNSSHP on Friday 9/25. We already have dinning reservations at CRT for 5:45 pm on 9/25, so we will still be finishing dinner as the party starts that night. We also don’t have to worry about a 2nd costume for my daughter since she will be going to BBB in the afternoon.

So what does everyone think, attend the dessert party or attend the two parties? Oh, we have never attended a MNSSHP in the past.


I personally think that you’ll be wasting good party time while doing the Dessert Party. I say cancel the premium dessert party, grab some snacks and ice cream and find a spot to watch Hallowishes.

I"d rather keep a dessert party for a non MNSSHP night.

I would do two parties as well! There is soooo much to do and the party always seems to fly by! With two you don’t have to worry about missing anything- say she passes out before the parade or something?!? :wink: my ds loves to trick or treat and ride but we always seem to miss all the fun meet and greets! You will have fun either way- we love mnsshp!!!

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