MNSSHP dessert allergens

Hi All! I’ve got a 4-year-old with an egg allergy. I contacted the special diets people at Disney to ask for allergen information for the special Halloween desserts offered at MNSSHP. I received a response that they don’t have that information and I’ll just have to ask for the allergen info at each location. Given the long lines for specialty items during the parties, I’m a little worried about the logistics of this. I’d like to avoid waiting in a long line only to be told the dessert has egg! Or make a trip across the park for a particular treat for him only to find out he can’t have it. Anybody have any experience with allergens at the parties? I’m not concerned about the candy they hand out given that it’s labeled and we can easily check that.


You should be able to find an allergy menu like this at the treat areas

Thanks so much for this response! So they’ll have an allergen guide like that with all of the special desserts/food items (jack and sally push pop, Halloween cinnamon roll, headless horseman cheesecake etc.)?

I’m a member in a gluten-free group for WDW on Facebook. Several people have posted that they were able to determine which special desserts were GF, so I would think they’ll have a similarly simple answer for your egg allergy!

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That’s awesome!! How should I reach out?

Why don’t you join our FB group and ask there? People have LOTS of different allergies in the group and are so knowledgeable. Just search “gluten free disney” on FB.

Mods, please forgive me if mentioning another site is a no-no. :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Thanks again! I really appreciate it! :hugs:

I’m uncertain about that. I thought you were referring to the free treats. Sounds like that FB group would be a big help.

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Also check out “Food Allergy Adventurers Club: Managing Food Allergies at Disney” on Facebook. Big group with people with all sorts of allergies.


I like that Disney takes allergies seriously. But one thing I wish they would change is HOW they list allergens. They don’t actually list allergens. They list what allergens it DOESN’T contain. That’s useful. But for those of us who deal with food allergies on a daily basis, we are used to seeing packaging/ingredients list that HIGHLIGHT allergens and potential cross-contaminations.

So, I’d much rather see, “May contain peanuts/tree nuts,” than a list that says, “No eggs. No wheat. No soy. No anything else.”

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Thanks so much for this suggestion!! It’s so awesome to see all of the resources out there!

I completely agree! It always throws me off for a second and I have to reread it to make sure it’s egg-allergy safe! But overall I’ve definitely been pleasantly surprised at how responsive they are about food allergies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken my little boy to a restaurant and when I’ve asked the server if an item has egg, I get the response “I don’t THINK so…you should probably be fine.” :worried: