MNSSHP date change?

I’ve already got my hard tickets in the mail for the MNSSHP for the October 8 date. How hard would it be to switch to the predicted less crowded October 6 date? This would mean I would need to change some FFPs around too… Too much hassle or worth the effort?

On Oct 6, we already have Bippity Boppity Boutique and lunch at Cinderella’s…

Tickets are not refundable and you cannot change or swap them for other dates. You would need to buy another set if tickets if you wanted to go a different night

Call WDW Reservations and see what a CM can do for you. Technically the tickets are non-refundable, but several Liners have been able to change them in the past. Also, if the first CM you speak to can’t/won’t help you, call back - some are more “magical” than others.

I was able to change dates about two months ago, paying only the difference in ticket price.

Would the difference in crowds make it worth the effort though?

My guess is that you wouldn’t be able to get CRT reservations or BBB on the 6th (assuming your current reservations are prior to 4 pm). Moving around FPPs wouldn’t be a huge deal. If it was me, I wouldn’t lose my CRT and BBB reservations just for the expected decrease in waits.

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