MNSSHP Costume Ideas?

Help I need some costume ideas for MNSSHP. Me, my wife and our two DD’s(ages 3+5) are going to MNSSHP. I would really like to do a group theme but my little ones want to be princesses. My 5 year old wants to go as Elena and my 3 year old wants to go as Belle. My wife and I were going to go as Belle and Beast but not sure now that the 3 year old wants to be Belle. I guess we could always go as another prince and princess or I could still go as beast and my wife as another Elena or Beauty and the Beast character. We have some fun pirate outfits from last years Halloween. I was thinking my wife and I could dress up as pirates and then tie a rope around each of our Princess DD’s waist like on the ride. We could pretend we were pirates that caught some princesses. Im just not sure how much Disney would like that idea.

Any ideas for costumes for me and the wife to accent two little princesses?

I haven’t seen Elena before, but to compliment Belle you and your wife could be Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts or Gaston.