MNSSHP costume ideas!

We’re going for MNSSHP for the first time ever! I have DS2, DS4, DH and me! Grandma and Grandpa are coming too! I think we’re going to try to go as a Wreck it Ralph group. DS4 really wants to be Felix! What are you going as?


I don’t think we are going to be able to coordinate that well… DD4.5 changes her mind everyday. Rapunzel is the latest.
DS7 said Jackskellington
Maybe I can be Sally and hubs can be Flynn Ryder?
MiL and her sister HAVE to be tweedle Dee and tweedle dumb… They fit it to A TEE!! Lol

Mom and I are both going as villains. Clue for my costume are the colours purple and green, and my name. Clue for mom’s costume is this

Gonna be fun!!


This will be our third mnsshp… We let ds5 pick our theme so first year… Avengers (ds iron man, me a pregnant capt America and my mom Thor) last year we had new ds1 as mickey, me minnie, dh Donald and my mom daisy and ds went as a ninja! Haha! This year ds says… Star Wars! Ds5 Luke, me leia, dh Han solo, ds1 yoda and my mom vader!!! We can’t wait for oct and are already singing boo to you!!!

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Last year DBF and I went as Disney’s Robin Hood and Maid Marian, store bought costumes plus awesome fox masks I made myself. I wanted something that was totally Disney but no one else would have.

I made this peter pan costume for my son. The shirt took me about 20 minutes, and the hat and belt took a bit longer. I have minimal sewing skills, but it turned out great! This is not my blog, just where I got the instructions from. We didn’t go to the MNSSHP, but he wore it around the park just as his sisters wore their princess dresses, and it was really cute! Get a lighter fleece if you think it will be too warm, but the fleece material is what makes it so easy to make

I think wreck it ralph is a great idea!

This is so cute! now that we’re 181 days out, everyone has decided what they will be. DH is going to be a jedi…but the bad guy one…idk, I’m making him his jedi costume. DS5 will be Fix it Felix, I will be Anna (in her coronation dress!), and DS2 will be Olaf (or Turbo…haven’t decided yet). I have intermediate sewing skills so the Jedi outfit and Anna’s Coronation dress will put my skills to the limit!

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