MNSSHP costume for 6yo boy

Hi, everyone. DS and I are going on our surprise trip for MNSSHP next month and he is going to need a costume. He wants to be Olaf or sven but I’m a little worried about how hot and complicated that will be for park touring. He was Peter Pan last year (which would have been a great choice) so I’m looking for suggestions on costumes that are comfortable, not too hot, and not too fussy (no extras to carry around like hats and such). I’m going (predictably) as alice.


I know you said no extras, but how about a white tshirt, rabbits ears, some make up and a watch for the white rabbit?

Or if he is into super heros, type child tshirt costume for some ideas on amazon.

Maybe a playing card if you want to stick with the Alice theme. Draw an Ace on a tee that’s a larger size for your DS. Or Yellow shirt, red pants for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum.

If wanting to go outside the Wonderland relm, maybe Fix It Felix or Handy Manny. My DS5 dressed up like Fix It Felix last year. I found a blue button down at the thrift shop and did an printable iron on patch for Felix’s name. Pants were blue khaki material instead of jeans to keep him a little cooler. I made a baseball cap too and gave him a golden hammer b/c I had a backpack to throw stuff in.

Last year ds3 wore a full ironman costume, wasn’t hot at all… This year he decided to be a blue ninja for mnsshp… We are going oct 17th… Last year it was almost cold at night so you never know with fl weather! I say modify whatever he wants to wear?!? I saw some cute Olaf ideas on Pinterest… Shirts with baseball hats with Olaf faces on them :slight_smile: good luck!!