MNSSHP choices

Hi! I have been to Disney many many times but not for any of their special parties. We are going October 27th-31st. We are celebrating my 30th birthday (27th). We have friends coming that have never been to Disney and one that went when they were 6 so a lot of newbies and I want them to get the best experience. The dates for MNSSHP are 27th, 29th and 31st. I’m trying to figure out what day would b best.

I’m currently leaning toward the 31st. I’m sure it will b the busiest but it’s our last night and I think it would b nice to get a last hurrah late night at the park. The 29th is an option but Epcot has their extra hours and I feel we could take advantage of that on the 29th. The 27th I think would b my second choice. It’s our first night so I hate the idea of getting to Disney in the am and figuring out costumes and everything and doing it. But it would b a fun birthday. My true goal is to eat at BOG for my birthday but idk if that is gonna happen. We went a couple years ago and it was so easy to get a reservation… now it’s crazy… but my hope is we could do BOG the same night as the party.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this and what day they would pick and why if they have done MNSSHP. I feel there are pros and cons to both… I wanna figure it out cuz it would make planning everything else easier lol!

I have heard that Tuesdays are the least crowded night to go. I personally wouldn’t go on Halloween because it’s probably so much more crowded, but that is something you’ll have to decide. We went on a Tuesday last year and it was crowded, but not so much that we didn’t enjoy it. It was such a fun night…despite losing out backpack with all my money in it. Disney magic and pixie dust were on our side and all of it was handed into city hall!!

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I would think they would all be busier parties dates so I would pick your preference. I don’t like to book something on arrival day but a lot of people make it work. The 31st will likely sell out (last year around Sep 21st) so you would have to purchase that date well in advance.

That’s crazy! We’ll be there for my husband’s 30th that same time! I think we’re going to brave the 31st party. This will be our first Halloween party at WDW. We’ve only experienced it at DLR in the past

I think we are too!! I don’t want to have to do it the same day we get there and Sunday stuff is open late so I rather go a day stuff isn’t to get the most out of our time so halloween it is!!