MNSSHP cancelled?

Just received a Touring Plans hours update for my October trip. Interesting reading.

On MNSSHP nights, the closing time has changed from 6pm to 7pm. So no gap between day guests and MNSSHP guests. Non-MNSSHP nights have had their hours changed from 8pm to 7pm.

So uniform 7pm closings.

That says to me no HEA and no MNSSHP. After all, without the parades and fireworks and character meets, what is MNSSHP?


For families with kids, it’s also trick or treating.
But I agree, I think they’re probably cancelled.

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For $100 a head.

I did it once, when my older kids were little. (We’re taking 2006ish)
It was fun, but it was not nearly as expensive as it is now. I don’t think I’d do it again with my youngest, even at 2006 prices. Same for MVMCP. We did it once, years ago, wouldn’t do it again.

That is exactly why I came to the forum! I agree. Of course, my 8pm dinner to watch fireworks is less valuable now.

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I’m curious how long these new hours go…I was hearing about folks in August, mine were changed for September, and now yours were changed for October. Off to look at December hours.

I never even picked up on that! I received it for Sept. I wasn’t going to go if we had to wear masks but this makes me sad. If the first one is supposed to start in August I guess we will know sooner rather than later.

November and December(and beyond) hours haven’t been released yet