MNSSHP buy tickets now or wait

I am looking to attend MNSSHP preferably Tuesday Sept 22. I haven’t bought tickets yet because I want to wait until it’s a little closer and check the weather forecast. I can switch to the Sunday party if the weather is looking better during the night time hours. Thoughts? Will this party likely sell out if I wait. Should I just buy and have fun even if it rains?

I am in the same boat - same night and everything, though my reason for waiting is that I am not 100% certain about taking the trip, and I do not want to buy nonrefundable tickets yet. I hadn’t really thought about weather, but that’s a good point, too. From what I have read, this is predicted to be the second least attended party of the year, and historically, most parties in September do not sell out. Obviously, there is no guarantee, and I am nervous about waiting, too!

I think I’ve read that the parties are selling out faster, but it is September, so you may be ok. Unless it’s a total downpour the party will go on, so poncho up and have fun! The first year we went it was raining for the first 1/2 hour, so DS6 (at the time) and I put on our ponchos and had a blast. Rain ended, and we had a great rest of the night, with possibly lower crowds due to the weather.

Although the tickets are non-refundable, I have heard that you can exchange them for a different party night if the weather is bad, as long as the second party night isn’t sold out.

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I have also heard several people report that they were able to get their party tickets refunded when their travel plans changed - although they are not obligated to do this, many CMs are understanding about these things and will help you out.

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