For information, I don’t have a park res for today but I can still book G+ as I have it for my whole stay (bought it when this was still an option) so I wonder if I should try to use this for the first 2 hours of MNSSHP…

You are not using one of your tickets today? If it worked and you are not using a full day ticket, you would be leaving a day with a ticket but no Genie+?

I am not using a day ticket today. I have park reservations for each one of my day tickets left at other dates…

I agree, it’s possible you will get to your last day and not be able to use genie+ if you use it with your party ticket because you paid a per day price for it. There wasn’t a length of stay price, so you likely have a number of genie+ days which is equivalent to your number of park ticket days purchased. This is obviously a very limited situation since you can no longer buy it in advance but interesting that it let you book for today.


Yes, there is not an unlimited amount of Genie+ days. When purchased, one Genie+ day was purchased for each day there was a ticket. $15 per person for two lower crowd hours is an individual “worth it” decision.

Actually is was not 15usd per day to add it to my ticket because it is a UK package so it was less than that for the whole stay. It includes mini golf (before 4pm), park hopper and water parks. 14 days of park to use within 18 days of first use so I am pretty sure it wouldn’t matter for my last day. I have a park res for my last day that I don’t really intend to use anyway so I’ll try g+ that day.

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Yes, but to add it to the day you will no longer have Genie+ for will be $15 US per person?

Did you try it? Did it work?

It worked today for the MNSSHP yes. I have to wait until august 31st to see if I still have g+ for my last day.

You should do.

For everyone else…

UK tickets are for 14 days of park entry. When we could add G+ it was added for the full 14 days.

Therefore if OP didn’t book 14 days of park tickets then she should be able to use G+ for the party day. If OP added a last minute park reservation G+ would be included. I doubt there is anything that says without a park reservation she cannot use G+.

Now if the party day was additional that would be different. But she should have 14 days to use G+.

You are assuming they will not use 14 days of tickets?


Maybe erroneously of course.

We will. We had 14 days of tickets. Used 7 already. Have 7 res park left. Last one is for august 31st.

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Did you end up being able to use Genie+ on your last day? I’ll be in a similar situation soon. I prepaid for genie+ when it was still available and we’ll be going to a party one of the days of our trip but no other parks or reservations that day. I’ve been trying to figure out if I can use Genie+ from 4pm to 6pm when we arrive for the party.