What’s the latest on what people have been able to book - FPP for MNSSHPs? (Party ticket only)
Last year it was 4-7…could get 3? Yes?

This year not later than 6:30? So could you book 3:30, 4:30, 5:30? Or could you not book before 4pm?

yes. you should be able to do it starting at 3:30-4:30. You just won’t be able to enter the park until 4pm.

I’ve had my third fpp cancelled on me three times already… All after 5:30! This is our third year doings mnsshp and have never had a problem making fpp from 4-7 until this year :frowning:

I had my 3rd FP canceled a couple times, but they gave me a use anytime FP, I guess to make up for canceling the other one.

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they’re not doing that consistently though.

I was able to get them to kinda force the time that I needed for someone. But it seems they’re being stingy on the anytime FPP.

You got quite lucky.

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Congrats to you on the anytime fp!!! I did call and see what was going on… The CM I spoke to wasn’t very nice or helpful… So I knew the anytime fp was out… No biggie… I got two good ones for before 6 :slight_smile: will just have to wait in line for 7dmt :frowning: shouldn’t be too bad though!!

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I got 7dmt and haunted mansion. The one that kept getting cancelled was Buzz and replaced with Mad Tea Party, much earlier in the day when I won’t be there and don’t want to ride that anyway. We’re just going to be there for MNSSHP that day, our arrival day, so with the cancellation/not taking any FP+ after 6:30, could only use 2. Not sure how I got so lucky as to get the anytime FP, but I’ll take it.

Can you use the anytime fp for after 5:30? And did it just add to your mde? This anytime fp intrigues me :wink: hahaha!!! We got a Mickey at 3:50 and jungle cruise at 5 which are the two I wanted prior to the party!

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It appears that it’s good all day, till the party officially starts.

We won’t enter the park until 4, only using the MNSSHP ticket. I suppose I can go to any ride that takes FP+ at any time 9-7 and get in the FP+ line?

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