I have a potential novice question:

We are just using our MNSSHP one day, but are going to get to the park at 4 for early entry. Can I make FP+ reservations on just the MNSSHP ticket? I know that there are no FP+ during the party, but I’m looking at the couple of hours before the party officially starts. Is that something I can do in advance, or is it a day-of, kiosk type of thing?


You can do it in advance for 4-7pm, same way as you would book your regular FPP’s. If staying on property, 60 days out, and if off property, 30 days out. Good luck!

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I did it two years ago on just the ticket.

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Yes yes yes!! And you will love mnsshp!! Last year I grabbed a 7dmt fp for 3:45 on our party night… Of course I missed it (thanks WL boat/family!) hahaha!

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Make the first one btw say 3:30-4:30, so you can do one right at 4 when you can enter the MK. Be at the tap styles early for entry at 4. And, make the second at 4:30-5:30 which could be done soon after the first FPP.

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Thanks! I did go ahead and book some FPP, and have our first one set up for 3:30-4:30, so hopefully we’ll make it there on time! This is my first MNSSHP - although I’ve done a couple of MVMCPs - and it will be DD2’s first “real” trick-or-treating experience! We didn’t want to focus too much on rides once the party starts, so this gives us a chance to hit a couple beforehand. I got Splash, BTMR, and Peter Pan (7DMT was already gone). Then, my plan is to hit up Rapunzel’s bathroom and get ready to party!

Thanks again for the great advice!

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Have a great time!!

Ds5 has been a big fan of trick or treating at mnsshp since he was 3! We like to do rides since the waits are so great and the parade is not to be missed… The truck or treat lines will look long in the beginning but go fast and lighten up as the night goes on! Our favorite one is the trail that starts to the left of barnstormer… If I remember correctly there are three candy stops and you just keep on walking! So nice! Also we always hit the tomorrow land Terrance on the way out… For some reason they fill us up good at the end of the night!!! Have fun!!!