MNSSHP and fastpass

I know you can’t get fasts reservations during the party, just curious if you can get a fastpass during the 4-7 time frame before the party actually starts if your admission ticket is just the party ticket?

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Yes but all FPs need to be used by 6:30 so you need to schedule them at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30.


Can these be made at the 60 day mark like others if the only ticket I have for that day is for the party? or do we have to do them once in the park? First time using this site and I love all the great information!

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If you have a resort reservation, they can be pre booked at day 60 just like a regular ticket. Offsite day 30.

okay great! thank you

Same info for Xmas party?

I think everyone is on hold trying to figure out if all this still works. The MK hours for MVMCP has some people concerned that past practices may not still work.