MNSSHP and fastpass reservations

Hello! This is kind of a long question, so bear with me. We booked a trip to WDW for Aug 19 (Sun) to Aug 24 (Fri). We have 2 adjoining rooms booked at AS Sports. I have 4 kids, so that was the cheapest option. Originally, MK was closing at 6 on that Tuesday and rumor was the MNSSHP would be that night. I was very excited for that nice surprise since I didn’t expect that while we were there. Now the official party hours have been released and it is not that night and they adjusted closing time to 9 pm. I, of course, am disappointed. This is not a trip we take often and I would love to take my kids to the party. I am thinking of coming in a couple of days early to go to the Friday night (17th) party. We can not afford 2 more nights on-site. I was thinking of staying at a cheaper hotel just for Fri and Sat night. Now comes my question. If I buy the tickets to the party and they are linked to my Magic Band and we are staying off site, will this affect my fast pass dates? I understand that you can reserve FP for the 4p-7p part of the day before the party starts. Since I am off site that would be 30 days out. But then I am on site the rest of my trip (60 days out). Will this get all confused in the system and keep me from reserving the rest of my trip at the 60 day mark? Sorry for the long post. Thanks!!

My recommendation is to put your party tickets on a 2nd MDE account (or dummy account) or dummy profiles. Last year there were issues booking FP with a party ticket and regular ticket media on the same MDE profile. People had their last day of FP cancelled as the MDE system did not recognize party plus ticket media. It only counted the standard ticket media. So If you had 2days tickets and a party ticket, it would only allow you to book 2 days of FP. Or you could book 3 days but the last day was cancelled. Your 60 day window will still open as normal regardless of the offsite days.