MNSSHP AND EMM. Is it too much?

I think I need a voice of reason or two…

I’ll be in WDW at the end of August with DSis, DS7 and DD2, and my parents will be there for the second half of the trip. Our last full park day is Aug 28, which is the 3rd Halloween party. I’ve gotten through months of planning saying we wouldn’t go, but now I want to. We were there the same time last year and skipped it, but it seems like a lot of fun and a great way to end the trip.

My problem is, I’d originally booked EMM for Aug 28 thinking we would do that and then hop to HS for the late afternoon/evening. I’ve read so much advice saying it’s best to take it easy on a party day, so now I’m conflicted about what to do because I still want to do EMM. We’re staying at WL, so it seems like a relatively easy trip to and from.

So would you:

  1. Do EMM and MNSSHP on Aug 28, with a solid 4 hour break in between,
  2. Do EMM on Aug 26 instead (my issue is that this is our full MK day and would conflict with our PPO BOG), or
  3. Skip EMM all together since it’s nearly as expensive as MNSSHP (and we’d probably only ride 7DMT)?

#3 seems like the right answer, but of course I feel like I need to do everything. It’s worth adding that my parents will stay with DD2 during EMM, so the rest of us can take full advantage of the multiple 7DMT rides without dealing with RS.

Anyone want to be a voice of reason? What would you do and why?

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First, see my tag line.

Second, especially with that group, I think you’d be best served to skip EMM if you want to do the party. I think the party is an overall better value and there’s much more to it. Do #3


I think doing EMM and MNSSHP on the same day would be too much. If the only reason you’re doing EMM is to ride 7DMT, I’m not sure it’s worth it. We loved EMM but we did all three rides and enjoyed our breakfast.


I don’t know if it is important for your group, but my favorite part of MNSSHP is that as an Adult, I can dress up and wear a costume!

I personally would pick MNSSHP. Sleep in that morning, get dressed up, show at the park in Halloween costumes stay up until MK closes.

Or, use that morning for HS studios and Toy Story land, leave early, chill at the resort and then head to MK.

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Always sage advice! Thank you!

FWIW, my parents will also skip the party. I managed to find an ADR at CG at a great time for them, so I’ll send them off there. But still, I knew both would be too much, but I needed to hear it!

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Ohh, I had not thought about doing HS in the morning. Let me run down the rabbit hole of seeing what FPs are possible!


I think with kids as young as yours…making it until the end of the party will be tough, unless it is a rest day…I know my rebel scum would be difficult for sure if we didn’t sleep in, have a little pool and lunch, and more rest time before trying to close a park down after 12:30 at night! :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the input! I’m working to trim our plans, and I’m (slightly reluctantly) going to cut EMM. DS doesn’t know about the trip yet, but when we were talking about our last trip recently, he mentioned there were some things that we didn’t get to do.

Do you know what he said?? That we didn’t get to watch a movie at the hotel (Movie under the stars)! What a good reminder to slow down and enjoy some of the smaller perks. And it’s a bonus if it doesn’t cost extra money!