MNSSHP and dinner


I think I have decided to do MNSSHP, we have never done this before. So, based on park hours listed currently I have picked a day to go to MK thinking that will be a party day. I'm thinking early rope drop, eat lunch then go back to hotel to rest. What do you normally do about dinner on party nights? I currently have a reservation at 5:00 at our hotel Whispering Canyon, but now I'm wondering should I change it to a dinner place inside MK, like around 5:30? I'm just not sure what to do! I appreciate any advice.


Last year we ate a late lunch at our hotel around 3, then grabbed some hot dogs at Casey's. If it's your first party, that's what I'd do (late lunch and quick service dinner). We are planning on doing that for one party and then LTT for the 2nd.


I definitely wouldn't do a sit down dinner on the night of the party. Eat an early dinner or just snack all afternoon and get snacks at the party. You will want to use all of your party time and it's best to line up for characters before the party starts so don't wait until 7 to get in line! Some characters like the 7 dwarfs usually start meeting earlier but their line will start hours before the party.


last year I wen to the first party. We went to 'Ohana for a very early dinner/later lunch (3:55). We were able to eat and to get to MK after the first rush. The side area near Tony's was open at that time. It was the first candy trail of the night (at 5:00).


When DH and I did the MVMCP last November, we ate a big lunch at Crystal Palace and had a QS dinner. We bought food at Pinocchio's Village Haus and carried it in front of the castle and ate it during the Holiday fireworks. It was a good way to kill two birds with one stone and the food was very good.


The dates are out now for the party, so you can double check your date!


Yes! It will work!


We are doing sit down at Skipper Canteen at 4:20....we love this place and it puts us where we want to be to start the party. In the past we have done CS, but we thought an early sit down before the party with healthy food will keep us from eating so much candy!