MNSSHP and CRT - I think I might be crazy! Is this going to be possible. My adult daughter and I did CRT our last visit home so I want to keep it as a “thing” we do. But with that we were just nuts enough to plan MNSSHP for both Monday and Friday of our stay. I was able to get CRT on our Friday during the party 9:40 pm. Last visit we were sat at a table by a window which was very nice, can we hope for the same this time so we can see the fireworks? What are your thoughts?

I don’t think that I, personally, would want to do any TS during the party at all. We ate prior to the party and snacked the whole time so that we could make the most of the party.

That being said, you are doing two parties, so I guess the 2nd one isn’t quite as important. It probably depends on what you really want to do. Would this be your only opportunity for CRT? Or do you LOVE the parties? (Sounds like you do if you are going twice!)

I can’t comment much on the fireworks as I haven’t been inside CRT in like 10 years. I think there are a few seats where you could see, but not really well. It’s certainly not like Rose & Crown where you book especially for the view. Maybe others could weigh in.