MNSSHP and costumes for adults

We are planning on going to our first MNSSHP this September. We have heard that anyone over the age of 14 is no longer allowed to wear a costume for the party. I thought all of you knowledgable liners might have the best information on this. Are adults still able to dress up for MNSSHP? We were really looking forward to dressing up as a family.

At this point the new rules for costumes is basically anything more than Disney Bounding is not allowed. Even for the Halloween Parties. No word on if they will relax the rules for this event.

Thanks Mr_Smee! Well that is too bad! I am sure we will still have fun, but it would have been fun to plan our costumes as a family. I hope they will relax the rules for the party this year.

I would imagine that when they release the tickets and prices costuming info will be part of that

I am also very much hoping that Disney will be reasonable about costume rules for the halloween parties. I love doing costumes and being able to wear one in MK is what makes the $$$ ticket price worth it for me.