MNSSHP and Christmas (not a misprint)

This year the last MNSSHP is on November 1. Do you think they will take all the Halloween decorations down that night and start to put up Christmas that same night? Or do you think they will do it the night of November 2? Trying to see a little of both holidays in one trip.

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I was trying to do the same, but haven’t seen yet when the first Christmas party is expected to be.

We were there the first week of November 2019 and attended the 11/1 MNSSHP. Christmas decorations were up 11/3 when we were back at MK. The first MVMCP wasn’t until 11/8 so I was surprised to see them so early.

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Oh what a fun premise! Will keep this in mind as an option for a future trip.

Thank you for sharing - I remembered reading when it would all change over last year but didn’t really pay attention (other than watching the time-lapse video of the changeover, which I found fascinating!). I didn’t need to pay attention because I knew we wouldn’t be able to go during that time period. Fast forward a couple of months, and thanks to a change in the school calendar, we now will be there for the final MNSSHP and the following week. Super excited to see it all!

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I can also say I’ve seen the MVMCP decor up on 11/3. It wasn’t 100%, but probably 70%. The overall feel of MK was definitely Christmas. There was a party on 11/5 that year.

Any idea how far in advance they release the party dates?

I’ve seen them happen as early as April, but often in July / August.

Was there over Halloween last year. They start the change over as soon as the last MNSSHP is over. Was back at magic kingdom on the day after the last party and no halloween left and some christmas was up. Not everything but main street looked mostly done. Trees werent up yet or anything. The first MVMCP seems to be around the 8th of November every year. Give or take a day or 2 either way

Following! This is our plan for our next next trip. Hit both Halloween and Christmas for the events and decorations.

Looks like the best plan would be to wait a few days after the MNSSHP to go back to Magic Kingdom. Thanks everyone for the info.