MNSSHP 2016 touring plans

Hi, our trip is the week of Sept 18th and we are all set for the MNSSHP. I noticed there hasn’t been any updated touring plans for 2016. Am I overlooking it? If not, is there a chance one may be coming. I only noticed because it shows to start at SFR Tree House and it is closed for refurbishment during that time. We have been to WDW many times but this is our first MNSSHP so I am not sure what to expect. Thank you for all this wonderful information you provide.

I just tested it out and this is what I did: I clicked customized touring plan. I put the date in and it asked me if I was attending MNSSHP and I said yes. It loaded the schedule until midnight. The treehouse is listed as closed for refurbishment. I tried to make a day plan and it said it was closed then? Are you starting from another point?

Thank you. Yes I was able to do it that way. The only thing is it doesn’t tell you about the character spots or the treat rides like the sample 2015 MNSSHP touring plan. It was a nice feature. Thanks again I appreciate it.

Have the 2016 maps been published yet?

If you find one, I’d love to see it!

I couldn’t find any maps published yet. I am assuming after the first party someone will post it. Fingers crossed.

I will be at the first party. I assume someone will publish the map but I will post if no one does.