MNSSH question

We are doing the MNSSH on Sept 28th. I know we can get into the park at 4pm. If we are in the park at 4pm, can we ride the rides or can we not do that til 7 when the party starts?

The reason I ask is because I just secured BOG dinner at 5:55pm for the 28th. Should we try for an earlier dinner to not miss out on the MNSSH party?

You will be able to ride attractions at 4:00. Day guests will have to leave at 6:00 so that hour will be prime attraction time.

Personal opinion do not do any sit down after 5 on a party night if you are going. The party flies by.

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Ok. We are able to do BOG dinner a different day and not on the MNSSH party. Thank you for your replies!!!

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