MNSSH party question

If you buy tickets, can you make fast passes for during the party? How? If we also have park hopper tickets and plan to go to MK earlier in the day, can we also make FPP for then since they are separate tickets?


There are no FPs during the party itself. However you can enter the park a couple of hours or so before the party starts, and you maybe able to make FPs for that period using the party tickets. (There can be issues with this for some people, and officially party tickets don’t confer FP booking “rights”).

If you also have ordinary tickets you can book FPs on those tickets; either at MK or at another park. Those don’t even need to be park hopper tickets, since you could use them to enter one park in the morning and then the party tickets to enter MK. for the party.

However, you can still only have a total of 3 FPs pre-booked on the day, even if you have both an ordinary ticket and a party ticket linked to your account in MDE.


Arrived in MK at 4:30P in 2017 using a party ticket and was able to snag a FP for 7DMT at 6:30 … But I chalk that up to someone canceling and I was just in the right place at the right time.

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