MNNSHP Ride Wait times

We are going to the party for the first time on Friday October 16. Anyone have past experience with what we can expect for ride wait times? Unfortunately, based on the crowd calendar it appears to be one of the busier times (being a friday), but that is just what works for our trip so we are stuck with the date. I’m trying to figure out what I can safely assume we will do during the evening at the party, versus during the day when we are also there part of the day. And my kids are still young enough that we will not make it until close. maybe 10ish. thanks!

It’s funny, I do not think I did many rides before 10. You have the parade, castle projection show and fireworks from 8:00-9:30 ( or later parade). I did HM, Space, Big Thunder and a couple of other attractions and the waits were always around 10-15 minutes.

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We went around the same time last year, Friday… You could tell it was busier when walking around and trick or treat lines were long (my ds5 loves the candy!) but… I don’t recall waiting too long for any rides… Still walked on most but waited for Peter pan for sure. But nothing compared to a busy normal day at MK! You will be surprised how late your little one will be able to stay up too :wink: we always catch the earlier parade just in case ds poops out on us! you will have a great time!!!

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Thanks – did you try Haunted Mansion? I’ve heard it is different during the party. but am worried about the line. Hopefully I can get my kids hopped up on sugar to stay up a bit later! (sorry, I just realized one of you said you did do it and line was ok).

I did Haunted Mansion. All the cast members wear makeup. The ride is not different, but the cast members try to make it a unique experience.

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We skip HM… To quote ds5 “I don’t know what’s in there but I know it’s scary”

can you elaborate on the trick or treat lines? My kids are very excited to trick or treat in the park and I’m not sure what to expect. we will probably trick or treat in frontierland and adventureland starting around 7pm and then hope to watch the 1st parade in frontierland. will probably do more trick or treating mixed with rides in tomorrowland and fantasyland after 10pm. I told my 9 and 5 year old that they are staying up til midnight! they are pumped and I hope they last the whole night!

Oh sure!!! Ds5 says its his favorite part about the party! The lines are usually long but do go quick! We usually trick or treat over to frontierland to grab a parade spot… My mom or dh will take ds to tiki room candy stop and the one by pirates while I hold our spot… It fills up quick but the parade is not to be missed!!! Also last year we discovered the “secret” candy path that starts to the left of barnstormer and finishes by space mt… If I remember correctly it has about 3 candy stops and you just keep walking with no wait! It was great!!! We really really love mnsshp and this will be our third year… We are hooked!!! Don’t forget to wear your fav costume!!! Ds picks our “theme” every year… Star Wars this year :wink:

thx @rachelmac. how early did you start holding a spot in frontierland for the 1st parade? I was thinking of sending my husband to trick or treat with the kids while I held the spot too. so if I allow 45-60 min for my kids to hit all the trick or treat spots in frontierland and adventureland do you think that’s a good time frame? They won’t be stopping for rides at this time but will hit rides after 10pm. sorry to hijack your thread @dandlsmom but I figured the questions were related!

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No worries – I am thrilled with the additional info! This is our first party. Am trying to figure out how to balance our time.My son has a nut allergy, so trick or treating is not usually high on our priority list. It just bums him out to get a bunch of candy he can’t eat, and while Disney is usually great with this, I don’t expect them to be handing out only nut free candy. that would be disappoint for all the people who love and can eat nuts. Anyway, I’m hoping that will give us time for some rides while others are busy collecting treats. And we want to catch the early parade. I was very neutral about the party when I bought the tickets but you are getting me excited about it now!

We usually try to get down there by 7:15 which is about an hr early… I did this lay party (which ended up being one of the busiest ones) and it worked out fine! They don’t even have the ropes up but you can see the holes in the ground where they go (yes I know I sound like a crazy person right now!!) we seem to always make friends with the other parents around and make sure not to let anyone squeeze in! :slight_smile: I use this time to grab a snack and rest for a bit…it seems like a long party but it goes by quick!! Your little guys should have no problem making it to 12!!
@dandlsmom so I might be totally wrong but I know they use to have candy at the town hall for kids with allergies but you might have to check on that!! You will have fun even without trick or treating!!! The party lights and people dressed up just make it so much more fun! Plus… Barely any time waiting for rides is always nice too!!

thanks again . will definitely check on the town hall issue. And I’ve heard elsewhere that frontierland is a good place for the parade. Any place in particular you recommend (assuming we aren’t going to be there the same so I’m not competing for your spot :slight_smile: ) or maybe it doesn’t matter. we are planning on being there in the morning, taking a break, and coming back about 3 or 4. so a long day. but not much planned for sat (yet anyway . . )

The Haunted Mansion, as a ride, is no different but the Photopass…excuse me, Memory Maker photographers in front can do special effects. One with a driver on the hearse and one with the hitchhikers.

Our ride times during parties have always been shorter. It seems to me that most people are waiting for a) parades, 2) candy and III) dance parties. We usually walk on with very few exceptions.

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Liners never compete for spots!! :wink: heehee!! The last two years we’ve ending up in front of LTT… I like the opposite side since you don’t have much room for people to gather behind you… Last year we had maybe three rows deep behind us on the stairs of LTT. I really do sound like a crazy person I know but I hate being late and having a bad spot or getting in others space :slight_smile:

@rachelmac22, you sound like you plan exactly like I do! thanks again!

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Yes my middle name is planner :wink: no problem!!! have a great time at mnsshp!!

Thx for the info @rachaelmac22. I am excited to plan this night out. @dandlsmom, my DD also has peanut allergy. She loves to trick or treat though so we just sort through her candy carefully before she eats any. I hope to be in frontierland for a spot by 7:30 for the 1st parade but maybe 7:15. I am ok with waiting for a spot as long as DH can take the kids trick or treating while I wait. Are they generous with the candy or does each station only give out like 1 piece?

Crowd calendar is based on ride wait times between 10am and 5pm and is no reflection on wait times during party nights. this link might help

I would say a handful each stop… And later the night goes… The more candy they give (at least in our experiences!) 7:30 should be be fine for the parade… When are you going?

Planning for 10/25. Will buy tickets soon!

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