MMRR: Will March 4 at DHS Be Worth It?

I work for a college and I am taking students to a conference in Orlando during the first week of March. I was able to talk my administration into letting me take them to Disney for a day as a leadership excursion, but due to our conference schedule, the only available day we have is March 4.

We have Park Hoppers, but I definitely wanted to RD DHS with them so they could experience RotR (most of the students I have are international and it may be their only chance to experience WDW). I’ve been practicing the BG process, and I’m fairly confident my DH and I will be able to get them at least a BBG if not a BG. The only thing that I can see throwing a giant wrench in the plan would be the opening of MMRR.

First of all, what even is this ride? Do you think there’s a chance of them opening the park early to accommodate guests for this ride (like what they did with SWGE)? The CL is marked 6…I know no one can give me a definite answer on this, but I’d hate to show up “early” for a BG, only to find out they opened early AND released BGs early.

Isn’t it MAY 4 that can be a big deal to Star Wars fans?

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Lol, yes. I was talking about the opening of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railroad. I’m trying to understand what kind of crowds will turn up early at DHS for that ride since our day is the opening day.

Ah. Gotcha. Sorry - forgot about the new Mickey and Minnie ride.

Any time a new ride opens that first day is a HUGE draw from crowds - especially locals. A new ride - that may be using it’s own BGs + a mega popular attraction that does have BGs is going to IMHO exasperate things.

DHS hasn’t said if MMRR will have a traditional queue or if it too will have BGs. There’s the possibility that you may have to choose which you can ride. (This isn’t definite, but a well discussed rumor)

Personally, if I was taking a group of students on this one day I’d avoid DHS at all costs on this date. The crowds are going to be crazy.

I’d take them to MK - since it may be the first / only time they’ll be at WDW. (or I’d go to AK for the lower / lowest crowds that day)

As for the ride itself… It’s Mickey’s first ever theme park ride. (It’s odd that it’s taken sooo long!)

It’s being called a “2 1/2 -D” ride using first of it’s kind technology. There’s a few videos showing glimpses of it, if you want a sneak peek.

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Define fan. It seems to be be a big deal to those who enjoy Star Wars, but any true fans that I know don’t care two hoots about May 4th.

We know very different “true fans” then. I know people who swear it is life and the source if all knowledge and are TOTALLY into May 4.

May 25 is a much more significant date in SW fandom.

Oh trust me. They celebrate that too.

Very annoying to be on social media or around them on those days.

Oh I’d go to MK or AK if I had only one day. Flight of passage is pretty amazing Snd much better guarantee of actually riding it.

Is it worth being disappointed if they don’t get in the 2 new big HS rides? There is a good chance of it. I’m risk averse though FWIW.

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These are some good thoughts, thank you. I guess I should also put out there that my plan was originally to just take them to the Magic Kingdom, especially because we are staying on site and will have EMH in the evening there. When I read the buzz on RotR, my thought was we could get there, get a BG, (depending on the return window) hop to another park until our time is called to return, uber/lyft back, ride RotR, and continue on with our day.

We don’t really care about riding MMRR, so if we had to choose between RotR and MMR, we would obviously choose to experience SWGE. We can definitely show up and if we don’t get a BG, simply move on to another park, that’s no big deal (since these are college students, I’m making TPs but holding them very loosely so they can get to experience what they want).

I guess I’m just trying to play the mystical guessing game of whether or not DHS will open early and potentially release BGs early. Sounds like that might be a possibility, though they still have the hours posted at 9 a.m.

November 17th: Life Day…

In my opinion with a group of first (and maybe only) timers - I wouldn’t try to jam a ton into the day. There is so much to just soak in and enjoy that if you are running to get placing for BG etc you will miss out on.