MMRR wait times with optimized TP are confusing me

For my trip next week, I have 2 days reserved at HS. The first is our arrival day (Tues) around 1:30 and the second is departure day (Sat) at RD. We rode RotR last March, so we may try for a BG, but if we don’t get it, it’s not the end of the world. I optimized both touring plans with 5 rides-MMRR, SDD, MFSR, RnRC and ToT. On Tuesday, TP says to ride MMRR first at 1:30 with a 95 min wait. On Saturday, TP says to ride MMRR last, which also puts it at 1:30 but with only a 48 min wait. I realize that they are different days of the week, but do you think these estimated waits make sense compared to each other?

no, not at all!

Haha. Thanks for validating me! I’m going to re-optimize next week before we leave. Honestly, I’m super close to skipping HS altogether since we’ve already done both RotR and MMRR last spring. I’d probably wait 48 min for MMRR again, but not 95.