MMRR Strategy

She said it’s only 3 hour parking ???

Honestly we had an early ADR at the Wave on Monday and left our car at the Contemporary for 15 hours.

Interesting…I had heard so many people do it so I was a little confused when she said we couldn’t. Maybe it’s one of those technicality rules that’s not enforced.

On one of the other threads someone mentioned it was an old rule. The guard at the gate didn’t mention anything about a time limit when we parked. Now we were staying on property. I don’t know if that matters.

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I think it’s an unenforced rule. Normally I’d say this could interfere with guest parking but since Boardwalk isn’t open and only Boardwalk Villas is I wouldn’t worry about taking a valuable space away from someone. And 3 hours is silly. People could go to a boardwalk night club or game at ESPN Club for more than 3 hours. (During normal operations when those things are open)


Oh boy, here we go again :man_facepalming:

This thread may be of help:


Thank you @bebe80!! The thread was wonderfully informative. I think I’ll give the ADR a try!