MMRR AP preview

Has anyone heard rumblings of potential dates?

Not yet, but I’m waiting on a few CMs I talk to on Twitter and such to let me know when they get their previews. AP previews tend to be about the same time (as you probably know!)

On last week’s Disney Dish Podcast, I thought that @len and Jim Hill mentioned a possible AP preview at the end of February.

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I didn’t previously ride Great Movie ride, so not sure what to expect from MMRR. Is it a slow moving ride on a track through scenes, like Pooh & Nemo, or will it be more of a simulator like Star Tours?

Going in April, and trying to determine if this ride will be worth the 100 minute wait that TP is projecting.


It’s a trackless ride - similar to the Ratatouille ride in Paris and RotR in SWGE. It will go through various show scenes. Little is still known about the details. There is a floor plan that has been leaked. It’s supposed to be the world’s first “2 1/2-D” experience - whatever that means! It sounds like fun.

From the WDW website description, it does not sound like a slow-moving ride at all


Climb aboard a runaway railway and embark on a whirlwind ride through a world where the rules of physics don’t apply. Prepare for unexpected twists, slapstick gags and mind-boggling transformations at every turn


CM previews were cancelled for this week. Rumblings of 20th/21st possibly.

Edited: The CM test shifts were cancelled, not previews.

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…of January? I’d heard late February for a preview.

Sorry @len. My mistake. These were the CM test shifts that were supposed to start, not general CM previews.


following this too. we’ll be at WDW the week before and the day of opening, but if there’s AP previews to snag, that would be amazing to not have to be at the park at 3am to ride :wink:

Just announced!! MMRR is going to have FPP! They just opened up… Grab 'em while you can!! It’s a Tier 1 attraction along with MF:SR and SDD… GL!!


managed to score FP’s for opening day! I am so stinking excited!

Good luck! I’m excited for you!! However, I’m not brave enough to face opening day crowds. Let us know what you thought when you get back or even do a Trip Report!!

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We’ll see how it goes. We have our expectations set accordingly that it’s going to be absolute bananas! A trip report will be in the works for sure!

CM previews just got announced by WDW prez D’Amaro - Starting Feb 22. It’s going to be for all CMs at WDW. This is nice since they are blacked out of DHS through April.

Maybe if these go well an AP night could be in the near future?!?