MM Sharing Questions

I have a two part question:

  1. I’ve read a lot about sharing a memory maker but I’m still unsure how to do it and also a little nervous that it won’t work. My parents will be in the World 9/12-9/16 and we will be there 10/16-10/21 so the 45 day window is correct I think. They want to share their MM with us - do they just add all 3 of us into their MDE as friends? And then as we scan our bands with the photographers, ride photos, etc. it will add our pictures to their account?

  2. Our trip is already paid in full (including a memory maker) - can we get a refund for the MM or at least a credit on our account? We paid for our trip with giftcards if that makes a difference.


The photos expire on a 45 day rolling expiration. Once the MM is activated you have 30 days to add more photos and download. All edits and downloads need to be done from the account owning the MM. You activate your mm when you download or remove the watermarks. For your share to work the first group of travelers will need to wait for a bit before downloading or you won’t get all of the photos in the second travel group. Yes they just add you as friends and family making sure to check the box can view and download my photos and often travels with me.

You can try to get your MM refunded but I have heard others not having good luck with that. I never hurts to call and try.u