MM Share question

So I see a lot of MM Share threads…to be honest, didn’t think about that…makes sense though. My question is how does it work.

There is a local natural opportunity for us to do this on a small scale, but I want to understand it more before I approach anyone.

We are going in early June and 2 of my wife’s best frieds are going to be there around the same time. One will be there the same time (1 day earlier on arrival and departure) and the other will be there the week prior to our trip.

We already have MM purchased through out TA and it is on our MDE.

Any insight into this will be helpful.

Any help would be appreciated.

I ran a memory Maker share group a few years ago. I will look up how I did it and get back to you this week. But the first part is to create a dummy MDE account to purchase under. I set it up under a new Yahoo email account. That’s about all I remember offhand. But it’s pretty easy to do. You also need a PayPal or money transfer account for you to receive payment.

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Basically you link all of the families to the account with the MM via friends & family. All photos from all families will appear on this account, and must be edited and downloaded from the account with the MM. As indicated in the previous message, most share groups set up a separate “dummy” account for the share so that other individuals can’t inadvertently change the plans of the primary user. However, if these are close enough friends that you are comfortable giving them access to your account, you can do so. Even though you have already purchased MM, you should be able to reassign it to someone on your friends & family list, so if you want to set up a dummy account you can do so.