MM Share June 2021

If interested in MM share for June 2021. Please respond to this thread or ask questions here.

Hey there, not sure if this will still work as YoHo noticed they are actually going in May. I’m interested if it will work out for our dates. We are there May22-24. Thank you!!

@WithASmile We are going May 15-22. Our first park day is May 17. Are you wanting to do a strict June share or would a mid May to mid June work? If not, I can learn from you and see if we can set up a separate share.

Mid May to mid June works for me. My email is kzawadzki0601@gmail. If you can shoot me an email with your addresses. I will wait until tomorrow afternoon to see who else would like to join. Then tomorrow night I will email everyone with cost break down and procedures.

My dates are 6/12-17. I would love to be in the share.

Just let me know what I need to do to Our trip dates are 5/17-25. This will be my first time MM sharing

@Mcdowell glad you saw the post!

I’m interested we arrive 5/25 and depart 5/27, my last 3 trips were on AP and when I went to price photo for just two park days I couldn’t justify, please keep me updated! We sure no BG problems?


Good question! Does anyone know? I am definitely trying for a BG.

As far as BG go, it shouldn’t be a problem. I was there in April and the dummy account is on my list of friends. It did not pull it up for BG as there is no park reservation associated with it.

Withasmile, I sent you an email :). Thanks YoHo!

WithASmile I emailed you

@WithASmileandASong, just sent you an email. Thank you!!

@WithASmileandASong I sent you an email about June 10th. Thanks for posting!

I want to do this. my dates are June 14-19. Park days are 15, 17, and 18. can I please join your group?
I emailed you too.

If this is still available, I’m interested. We’re there 5/25-6/4.