MM photographer petition

Has this been posted already?


Signed. I’m pretty bummed about these things. The Mickey meet-and-greet at the Town Square Theater now has a camera hidden in a bookcase. How am I supposed to get my DS4 and DS3 to look at that camera? Won’t happen…

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Thanks i just signed.

I signed. I’ve seen some of the UOR photo box photos and am not impressed.

If they can’t have human photographers, then I insist they go this route:



What is that from? I feel that, unlike the inhuman photographers, it would appeal to me.

Edited to add: I signed

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Rick and Morty


We were not impressed with our box pictures. The were not near the quality of the photopass photographers in M&G. No interactions pictures at all and some really bad pictures as we were entering and dropping bags.

The zoom in/zoom out land videos at MK and SWGE are fantastic.

Signed, Thanks for the heads up!

Signed. Thanks for the link.


Signed. These things make me think twice about getting Memory Maker.

I’m glad someone FINALLY got their priorities straight and made a petition about the IMPORTANT things in life, rather than petty things like safe drinking water and human rights and all that nonsense!

Trouble is, I have ZERO experience with photo pass photographers. Also, I think perhaps a better petition might not be about keeping the photographers, but that IF they get rid of photographers, they need to use that saved money to raise the wages of the rest of the cast members, rather than use the money simply to line the pockets of Disney execs or shareholders. (Not that shareholders don’t deserve their dividends…just not at the expense of underpaid workers.)

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Then perhaps you could start that petition.

I’m glad @mousematt made us aware of this petition, and I signed it.


Thanks for sharing, I’ve signed this. For a company that promotes itself on magic, there’s nothing magical about these boxes. I plan on asking the CM to please take pictures for me at these stops.

signed it. Thanks @mousematt for the heads up

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