MLK weekend...yes or no

Thinking of going over MLK weekend next year. For those of you that have been during that time, how were the crowds?

I've always heard that it's very busy. The crowd calendar certainly spikes around MLK day.

It might be a spike, but it's easy-peasy compared to Easter and July 4th! Thanks to my job, these are the weeks we most frequently end up visiting. MLK is totally manageable, especially with rope drop and a plan. Just bring enough warm clothes. We froze last February!

It's busy, but manageable. Don't expect walk-ons, but nowhere near peaks. Weather can be everywhere so put off packing as long as possible, and plan on layers.

what is MLK?

Martin Luther King Jr Day weekend. Should be the Monday around January 15th

Cool thanks.

Went MLK weekend and the crowds were manageable. Left the Park for break and returned in time for evening fireworks at MK. Yes it was crowded by then, but had done everything earlier that day. Very satisfied as it was our first time.