MLK Weekend 2017

What do you expect the crowds to be like the Sunday and Monday of MLK weekend (Jan 15 &16)?

Tough to be 100% sure, but the actual holiday Monday at MK was pretty packed last year.
The year before, HS was nuts.
TP is predicting CL 8 for that day.
I’m planning to avoid MK that day, opting for Epcot instead.

Sunday will be moderately busy, I think TP is predicting CL 6.

Do you think the CL ratings are fairly accurate?

This is the million dollar question. Disney is changing things up so often (new special offers, shows, hours, etc.), TP, which is based on historical statistics, seems to be having a hard time keeping up. Historically MLK weekend is considered a relatively “busy” weekend, but previously “slow” times have become more crowded than in the past, so it’s really hard to say.

What @bswan26 says.

Also, they new festival at Epcot is going to throw off the weekend traffic there, but it may divert some away from MK. So, the field may be leveled a bit.

There was at least 1 day last year that MK extended park hours. This was a day-of decision and we were told at the tapstiles.

This year Sat of MLK MK was predicted to be an 8 and it was a 10! Totally felt like a 10, it was crazy!