Mlk 2017

Which of the 4 parks do you recommend going to on MLK Day- 1/16/17? How confident are you in Crowd Calendar’s predictions?

Honestly, if you’re only going that one day, I would recommend your favorite park; or if you’ve never been, the park you’re more interested in. If you’re looking for fewer crowds, it looks like MK, Epcot, and HS will all be pretty similar. Although, it’s still far enough away that those figures could change a bit. The crowd calendars are typically pretty accurate for WDW. Obviously not 100% every time but they are almost always within +/- 1.

We’re going Saturday through Friday, not just MLK day. I assumed that day would be extremely crowded so I wanted to see the best park to visit.

Right now, the crowd calendar is showing between a 6-7 for MK, HS, and Epcot for that date so if that stays the same, the decision would solely be based off what you and your group wanted to do. It looks like AK would be the park to avoid that day though.

Generally speaking, long weekends where Monday is a holiday, the peak crowds on Saturday and Sunday. Monday people are heading home.