MK xmas party

We are arriving the morning of the last night of MK xmas party. I was thinking of paying for the party and getting in some of the rides then and then we return to MK on xmas day. Is it with paying extra to offload some of the rides

If Christmas Day is your only other day in MK, then I would say yes.

I haven’t been to the party, but it sounds fun. I guess you’d need to work out what your priorities are, but I think you could see the parade and focus on the rides.

I’m sure others will be able to give some specific advice as to the party itself.

We’re arriving that day as well. I want to do the party so much, but DH really doesn’t want us to.

I’m staying as far away from MK on Christmas Day as is possible. Yikes! I wouldn’t go at all this trip if DD didnt specifically ask to go to Crystal Palace on her birthday (12/26).

We’re actually taking the day off from the parks on Christmas Day to rest and relax.

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