MK wait times

Our trip is Nov 26-Dec 2. We have limited time scheduled at MK. Doing KTTK on Tues am with some touring in the afternoon (CL 1 party night) and then going back on Wed (CL 4) for Dessert Party and EMH 10 pm-midnight. According to my TP, the wait times for the Wed EMH are much less than for the afternoon on the party day, which surprises me a little. Should I trust BTMRR, SDMT and PP being 10-20 min waits between 10 pm and midnight on Wed? If so, I won’t wait in standby on Tues afternoon if lines are long.

We were at MK on Oct 24th for EMH (10 pm -12 am). We did the after dessert party until 10 and then did Space Ranger Spin, Philharmagic, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mt, and Space Mountain (in that order). The longest line was SRS, and it was under 10 minutes. I know those aren’t all the same rides you’re asking about, but based on our experience, I’d say those wait times are probably accurate.

I’m no help with most of your question, other than to suggest that BTM and 7DMT are both worth experiencing twice. Once daylight, and again at night.

Agree that BTMRR is worth multiple rides, including one at night. That and 7DMT were the only rides that everyone in my family enjoyed and agreed to do more than once. (My wife preferred 7DMT because it was smoother. I preferred BTMRR because it was faster and had more thrills.)

Yes, thanks. We’ve ridden BTMRR many times but have only been once since 7DMT has been there. I was unable to get a FP for 7DMT on Tues afternoon (at day 61) which kind of surprised me so unless I can modify, we will be waiting in SB. We’d be willing to wait probably 30 min, but more than that and we probably won’t do it. It’s just DH and me, so no kids to satisfy. Are the posted wait times for 7DMT usually pretty accurate? With a good trip plan, we usually don’t even have to look at posted wait times!

We are doing the dessert party followed by EMH and although my TP has me finishing at 11:25 There is a message saying I may not get to do all I planned and I should consider scheduling fewer attractions…I guess that is their way of saying wait times can be longer than what’s showing in plan??? I understand they are estimates

I guess I was mostly surprised that the afternoon of a party day had significantly longer predicted waits than EMH on a non-party day. I’ve always heard that non-party days were so good to be at MK. And people complain about how crowded it is at MK on non-party nights. Maybe the crowds will really thin after HEA is over.

I’ve noticed that error just showed up on all of my plans, too. I’m assuming, at the moment, that its a bug in the software. Take a close look at your schedule, and if you’e OK with it, ignore the warning.