MK TPlan for Sun 12 Jan (marathon day) 2020

Thoughts on the following? Too ambitious?

  • Park opens at 0900 on marathon day.
  • TP predicts CL 3.
  • We are family of four: Our son is 11 and daughter will have just turned 6.
  • Plan on FPP4 for 7DMT (0945-1045), FPP 2/2 for Space Mountain and Meet Rapunzel/Tiana (1045-1145), FPP4 for ETWB (1145-1245).
  • We have ADR at CRTable at 0815. Plan to treat reservation like it’s 0800 and show up to turnstiles at 0730.
  • Before park official open, plan to be in line for 7DMT NLT 0848 and off by 0857.
  • Then in line for PPF at 0859 if there before RD crowd and off by 0904.
  • From there we’ll head to BTMR getting off the ride around 0922.
  • Next we’ll hit JC and be off the ride about 0945.
  • Then POTC and off by 1000.
  • Then Magic Carpets if the wait is 5m or less.
  • Off to Haunted Mansion and then back to Fantasyland for our FPP as well as rides with still decent wait times (prioritizing WTPooh, Ariel’s Grotto, UTSea, Rapunzel/Tiana).
  • If/when wait times become undesirable, consult Lines and hit lower tier attractions (think: Storybrook Circus, Regal Carousel, MTParty, IASW, HOPresidents, Island, Treehouse, Country Bears, Tiki Room, PhilharMagic, Dapper Dans, Merida, Laugh Floor)


  • This is first day of two days in MK.
  • Plan to ride/see whatever we missed from Day 1 on Day 2 (Tomorrowland, Meet and Greets) and let the kids choose favorites from Day 1 to repeat.
  • Driving own car to MK from East due to Marathon route closures/delays.
  • Hoping Marathon delays/cancels folks for ADRs as well as RD so as to maximize time spent waiting in lines
  • Breakfast orders already planned and will ask for check as soon as food arrives.
  • We’re packing our own lunch/snacks and will eat whenever/wherever we get hungry.
  • Bringing own stroller
  • Plan on seeing parade at 1500.
  • If we make it to park close 2000, we’ll see fireworks, otherwise save that for Day 2
  • Hoping demand for Splash Mt will be minimal come mid Jan; if so, ride in afternoon
  • Look for same day FPP after tapping in for third and subsequent FPP.

Have you made a TP for this date yet? It does seem a bit ambitious, especially during a peak time at WDW. Also, you are hoping that everything runs “perfectly” as soon as you enter the park / ADR.

Doesn’t this conflict with your CRT ADR? At a minimum CRT takes 75 minutes. I’ve done it that quick, but we rushed through breakfast. I tipped the server a $20, in advance and on top of our bill, to push our food out ASAP. I would not do it again as I enjoy that meal. It stressed out my family & me to get done.

Also, do you have any pee breaks? With a DD6 and even a DS11 someone is going to want to stop for a few minutes - even if it’s not to pee they’ll see something that pulls their attention.

I’m happy to slap together a plan, but if you have one prepared would you publish it?

I have one comment for CRT. When we went we were seated a little late and it takes awhile for the princesses to get around. It is a long meal and expensive! I would not want to rush it abd it will be hard to do your 7dmt plan. Usually people book be our guest for that because you can be fast. Maybe try to switch to that? Or move your breakfast later to use that early park time. It is fun to eat in the castle, you’ll want to enjoy it.

Just a thought!

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Thanks for insights. Has anyone eaten at CRT in under 60 minutes?

The only way I can see this happening is if you skip all the Princess meetings. (If you are going to do that, you should just skip and save the money.)

CRT is a huge investment, I wouldn’t want to rush that. Even if you are able to do it as quickly as possible it might end up being an stressful experience. If you are only doing it for the PPO advantage I would search for any other PPO breakfast option (CRT is the most expensive and time consuming option).

If you do intend on keeping CRT, then I would plan to be done by 9:45. If you are done sooner you can do some attractions in the area (WTPooh, Ariel’s Grotto, UTSea, Rapunzel/Tiana) before going to your 7DMT FP.

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I haven’t. We have done lunch there twice and both times it took 90 minutes. At least. We, too, had to wait a good deal past our ADR time to be seated and then the food took a while. I’d recommend BOG breakfast over CRT for a PPO so you don’t feel like you’re rushing through CRT.

I’ve traveled with four kids in tow and we NEVER travel very efficiently. EVER. And if I have a plan that is overly ambitious it leaves me feeling rushed and like we “should be” getting more things done than we are. Someone always needs to pee. Or we get bogged down in the gift shops for 3-4 minutes (there’s one at the end of many of the larger attractions). Or we stop to pin trade. I’ve found that it helps to insert a 15-20 minute break every 3-4 steps in your TP. It may seem excessive but it’ll allow you to have what will probably be a more reasonable expectation of what you can get done.

FWIW, two days should be a good amount of time to cover MK. We’ve done 3 MK days and the third day ends up being repeats of favorites, shopping, nothing huge. We cover the park well over those first two days. I like how you have it broken down by area. Maybe you could aim to incorporate fantasyland into your Tomorrowland day and then hit Frontierland, Adventureland and Liberty Square the other day.

Hopefully our advice doesn’t discourage you. You’re going to have great trip! I have loved being there in January. The weather is nice!!

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For Splash, do the have refurb dates scheduled for 2020 yet? I know Splash is often closed sometime during the winter months for refurbishment. It was open for our early February trip this year but closed for our mid-January trip in 2018.

So… I had a few minutes and I made a sample plan using as much of your criteria as possible.

I couldn’t do two 7DMT in the morning with a CRT ADR, even with cutting CRT down to one hour. I eventually made CRT 75 minutes.(my fastest time there) TP didn’t recommend using FPP for ETwB and can’t split overlapping FPP for the M&G with Rapunzel & Tiana. (I moved Tiana to as early as possible to give the shortest wait possible)

I made the third FPP PoC since that was where you would be when that window opened.

I didn’t keep adding attractions - “Storybrook Circus, Regal Carousel, MTParty, IASW, HOPresidents, Island, Treehouse, Country Bears, Tiki Room, PhilharMagic, Dapper Dans, Merida, Laugh Floor”

I figure you can look at the morning and see what you think.

This plan assumes the FPP for SDMT is available. Are you booking them at 60 days?
I have noticed that even on day 60 or 60+1 SDMT is not easy to get.

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Agreed. I didn’t want to wreck their dream. Haven’t seen a response since I posted my “mock” TP.

No worries. No wrecking involved. I just don’t have time to always be on Disney forums. Based on how long it takes most to enjoy this character breakfast, we’ve decided to have only my youngest (will be 6) and wife attend the CRT breakfast while my son and I rope drop BTMR and then at least Haunted Mansion before my wife and daughter join us for PP FPP after their breakfast.

Yes, fortunately got 7DMT for 1000 on MK day one and 1020 for MK day two.

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Thanks. Appreciate your time/advice.

Thanks. I appreciate the input.

Splash will be closed while we’re there unfortunately

Closing the loop.

Here’s the actual trip report (how this plan morphed):
MK trip report for 12, 13 Jan 2020

I enjoyed going on Marathon day despite the initial headaches.

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