MK Touring question

Need advice for MK on 12/5, crowd level 2/10 it is a MVMCP day so closes at 6pm.
Currently have the following:

  • BBB 9:50 for DS6 -Planning to do pictures after and have FPP for Ariel while DS at PL (but can move if needed)
  • Pirate’s League 11:05 for DS8

Was originally thinking we would meet over near Pirate’a League and do the Jack Sparrow thing, but I understand it was discontinued. Then was planning to head to Tomorrow Land and booked my FPP for early afternoon there…but now I’m wondering if I should switch it up. We are doing the MVMCP on 12/3 and have FPP in Adventure Land so no real need to head back there. Would it make more sense to do meet back in Fantasy land and do that area, then Tomorrow Land then head out of the park?
I’ve never done Fantasy Land in the afternoon :thinking:

Which attractions are your priorities? Are you going to be doing Frontierland (Splash and BTMRR)? IF you went to Fantasyland in the afternoon, which attractions would you want to do?

You didn’t ask this, but I would recommend getting to MK at Rope Drop to get a typically long line attraction in before BBB (PPF? BTMRR?).

I’ve always gone ACW/CCW round from TL, putting FrL in the afternoon because:

  • We typically do EMH, and FrL isn’t open yet - easier to carry on where you are when the park opens properly
  • Splash goes in the afternoon, when it’s warmest (around 3PM)
  • The better (earlier + quieter) afternoon parade viewing locations are in FrL/LS
  • The bigger/more difficult FPP rides (7DMT/PPF/SpcM) are out of the way early on
  • JC is better at night (so is BTM if you go round really slowly or it’s winter)
  • Dole Whip works better as an afternoon snack
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This is perfect logic.

Priorities for this day are Tomorrowland and Fantasyland areas with the following being the top:

  • Buzz
  • Speedway
  • Spacemountain for a few of the adults
  • Meet Ariel
    -Under the Sea
  • Barnstormer
    My son would like to Don sDMT but we couldn’t get any FPP, not sure I want to stand in line for it.

We are planning to Rope Drop, looks like there is EMM that morning as well.


There is no PeopleMover in that list.


We are doing a day at MK where we are starting at Tomorrowland, and only doing that, Fantasyland, plus Haunted Mansion. Since most people seem to RD for SDMT, I expect crowds in Fantasyland to be higher than Tomorrowland early on, so it makes sense to start in TL. I think TL crowds will build.

So, I think your plan is a decent one. I don’t know how to effectively plan for it being a day with EMM, however.

Oh we will be doing People Mover…many times. That is my daughter’s favorite!!

Is it feasible to do Buzz, People Mover, SpaceMountain before my daughter’s BBB at 9:50? My son could stay behind and do Speedway before he heads over to Pirate’s league…