MK Touring Plan input - esp after 9:30 pm

Hi all,
I’m doing a 1-day touring plan for MK for December (level 8 crowds) with 2 parents and an 11 yo and 5 yo, both over 44". We really want 7DWMT and I was surprised it sent us to Buzz Lightyear first. Would it be better to get in line for 7 Dwarfs right at rope drop? Also, it has us using our Splash Mountain FP at 10:43, even though the pass is for 9:35-10:35. I know there can be up to 15mins leeway, but I feel nervous they might not let us in. What do you think? Also, the park is open until 11pm that day, and we may end up staying that long. If that’s the case, any recommendations on how to structure the last hours? The plan has us doing Happily Ever After then Jungle Cruise. Is that a good ending? Anything else you’d recommend? Last question - I didn’t schedule any break but our lunch meal. I was thinking we’d rest during shows, but with a 5yo, (plus a stroller, which should help) is that realistic? We only have one day at Disney, and I want to make the most of it, but not exhaust everyone. Would love input. Thanks!!

Oops - here’s the plan:

My guess is since you picked the one ‘with children’ it structures things differently. My guess- and it is only a guess- is that the plan with small children minimizes walking since they basically have to take 4 steps for every 2 of ours which essentially doubles the amount of walking they have to do, and it may also prioritize attractions for small children- but I don’t know how the software works so just guessing. You could use the sliders at the top and set it to minimize waiting- but to be clear, with little kids- this isn’t something I am recommending- as I wouldn’t criss cross the park multiple times to save waiting with my own when they were little- but rather am just addressing your issue. We kept stuff grouped and took lots of breaks- and made the day about them instead of accomplishing the steps on a TP. If they got tired and cranky on a given day (took them 7 times when they were little)- we would abandon the plan and take a long break. I don’t know how you spend 14 hours in a park without breaks and not be exhausted (and that doesn’t include travel to and from)- so no input is needed there. Lastly, re-optimize this plan. I don’t know when it was created- but if it was before crowd levels were changed a few days ago then most everything on this plan will change when re-optimized. IMHO this is way too much to expect a couple of little kids to do- as you have no breaks scheduled- but you know your family better than I do. You only have 1 day- so you need to do whatever you feel is best for your family.