MK Touring Plan at Christmas with a Monorail Resort Drink Crawl

Am I crazy in thinking I can accomplish all this on December 23 (CL 10)? I created a TP with every attraction we (BF and I) are intent on doing and still had so much free time I figured we’d leave the park in the middle of the day and check out the resort decorations/have some drinks before heading to dinner at Jiko. It just seems like there’s no way I’d be able to do all this - please tell me if I’m missing something (not enough time for transportation, etc.)!

ETA: I originally had Jiko reserved for 7pm (still have that resi for now) but then thought it might be a nightmare to try to get back into MK so late when crowds are forming for fireworks, so I made a 5pm (thanks TP res finder!) instead

I like it! The only possible issue I see is that you are cutting it close to get to FHW right after PoC. If you can get back from Jiko even 15 minutes sooner it’s be a big help.

I’d consider another 10 minute catch-up / pee break between step #12 & #13.

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Perfect! We’ll be ubering so hopefully we’ll be back at the park a bit earlier. FHW is kind of an if-we-can-make-it so I won’t be heartbroken if we have to miss it. And you’re right, I definitely need another break at least once in the evening. You have been so helpful on here, thank you!

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I think you’re unlikely to be back in MK less than 2 hours after dinner at Jiko. I would allow 90 minutes to eat, 30 minutes to Uber or 60 minutes for a bus, then another 15-30 minutes to get back into MK. Basically I wouldn’t expect to accomplish anything before A Frozen Holiday Wish.You’ve got plenty of free time built into your morning & even later in the evening though, so I would just shuffle things around.


Thank you! This is our first trip so definitely appreciate the advice on transportation time expectations!