MK touring plan and fast pass help

So thanks to some help from this website I made some changes to our three days in MK. Was hoping to get more insigh.
Also I have no idea what to book for fast passes on some of the days…any advice? nothing is set in stone as I can’t even make fast passes until tuesday. two princess loving daughters age 6 and 4.
fast pass for meet and greets, and enchanted with belle
fast pass for seven dwarfs, and peter pan, ONE FAST PASS LEFT
fast pass for: Meeting ariel, under the sea, and pirates of the car.

If you expand the Advanced Options in the Fast Pass section, and select the number of FPs you expect to use that day, then Optimize, it will suggest which attractions to use them on.

Then it’s your call based on priority and ability of your little ones to wait. Also, consider the entertainment of the queue … Splash Mountain and Big Thunder both have some amusement value while waiting in line. Jungle Cruise, not so much.

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