MK to WL for lunch?

Hi all! Our next trip is coming up in 30 days and we are making our final plans. So excited!! As a party of 9 of all adults and teens, we aren’t huge on taking mid-day breaks back at the hotel, but we have made early afternoon table service reservations for most of our park days so that we can sit and rejuvenate a little. However, our last MK day we don’t have a reservation and are debating on a place for lunch that can serve as a bit of a break. I considered taking a boat to Wilderness Lodge and eating quick service there. None of us have ever seen the resort and it seems like the QS options are pretty good.

Opinions on whether getting there is more hassle than it’s worth? I don’t even have an idea how long it would take us to get out of MK and to WL. Note: This will be the last day of 8 days in the parks (2 Universal, 6 Disney) so we will most likely be pretty exhausted by this point and will need something easy.

If not WL, any other suggestions on favorite QS at any of the MK area resorts that would also serve as a nice spot to relax a minute or two?

Could you clarify if you want to go to Fort Wilderness or wilderness lodge?

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Wilderness Lodge! It’s been corrected. Sorry for the confusion.

That’s a good idea for a break, but I’d also throw Steakhouse 71 in there. It’s a very reasonably priced table service and you can walk there and back if time is tight.

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We actually have a lunch reservation at Steakhouse 71 during our first MK day and are excited to try it. Probably should have put that info in the original post.

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Wilderness Lodge has two quick service options. Roaring Fork is located in the lodge (ground floor). Geyser Point looks more a table service but you can mobile order and pick up your food and take it somewhere or stand in line and get seated in the area with tables/bar .


That’s what I was reading and the menu options looked pretty good. Would you recommend either?

We mainly ate at Roaring Forks: chicken & waffles, lumberjack platter, chicken stripes, pulled pork on brioche bun… all good food! The fries are perfect.

My son did have the bison burger at Geyser Point which he devoured but not as good as the burger he had at Billy Goat Tavern at Midway Airport. LOL
Yes, he brought it up several times during our trip!!

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I think the setting for Geyser Point makes it the winner.


I’d totally take the boat over to WL and eat at Geyser Point. Great plan.


I agree, take the boat to WL and eat at Geyser Point. DH and I did that. At GP, you feel a thousand miles away from the chaos of MK - you are lakeside among trees and other greenery, in an open air dining pavilion (or sitting nearby with QS takeout), and you can’t see the throngs of people in the lobby or the buses. A great place to recharge!!

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I agree with others. Quick service options are not good at MK so I love to plan a trip to Geyser Point. It is a great place for good food and beautiful relaxing view. While you are there take some time to enjoy the most impressive lobby on property.

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