MK to EP Parkhop travel time and plan questions Please :)

Thanks for reading! I’m an avid planner and just returned from a 6 full park day trip (end of Jan-early Feb) with the help of out touring plans and using long park days we were able to accomplish a LOT even with our 4 year old. Now I’m planning a short 3 full park day trip for myself and best friend. She has never been and I want to pack as much in as possible. We are both not too worried about sleep and not afraid of long park day lol. Current plan is MK on Friday May 29 using morning EMH then Park Hop to Epcot after Parade (trying to hit TT via single rider line, Mission Space Orange, Soarin, and Frozen depending on how others go) then back to MK. We will purchase tickets for Villains After Hours but I would ideally like to be back to MK around 7 or so. MK is my favorite park and I know it will be hers as well (best friends for 26 years…) so I want to spend as much time there as we can but also would like to hit up what we can at EP. So I need to know how much time to plane for the travel to MK—EP and back via monorail. Also any input on what wait times for 7DMT tends to be like during Villains would be great. I just keep reading “low”?? well that could be numerous things for that ride…

Then Sat plan to RD at AK which worked fabulously on our last trip. then head to HS through close. Sunday will be HS again since I didn’t get to experience any of GE with my little one on last trip :frowning:
Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure you’ll have enough time to do what you want to do at Epcot with the time that you have. If you leave after the parade (3:30ish), I would think you could make it to Epcot around 4:15. If you want to be back at MK by 7, I would leave Epcot around 6:15. That’s about 2 hour park time at Epcot. Since the size of the park is pretty large and you may still be dealing with a good bit of construction, I wouldn’t think you could do that big e ticket rides in that amount of time. If you are fine with cutting one of the big Epcot rides, then I think it’s more doable.


That’s what’s what the TP plan is saying as well. That Frozen may not be possible given the time frame we have to work with but I also know that the plans don’t factor in single rider line for TT which I’m hoping can save some time. Frozen isn’t a make or break by any means. I have never park hopped so this is new territory for me.

Could you hop over to MK for the parade on Sunday? That way you could leave before the parade on Friday and have more time in Epcot to do some of those things. Leaving right after the parade is going to be with a big throng of people and I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes an hour to get to Epcot.

That could be an option depending on how FPP times play out. We plan to hop to HS after finishing AK Saturday (we RD AK last trip and did everything including FOP twice without a FP. EE three times, and Navi River twice along with other rides and some characters and had lunch at Tusker and still could have left park by 3)so hoping to head over to do as much as we can and catch Fantasmic Saturday. I know she will love that. And depending on what we are able to accomplish, this will hopefully free up time Sunday (especially because that will be an evening EMH from 9-11) so that could definitely be a possibility. And getting in some extra time in MK is always great!